Why Join?

Why Join Toastmasters?

http://blossomjar.com/pacinity/383 Here are a few ways you could benefit by joining a Toastmasters Club.

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FeaturesBenefits for IndividualsWorkplace Benefits
The opportunity to learn public speaking, communication and presentation skillsOvercome anxiety and fear of public speaking by learning and practising the skills, leads to increased self confidenceLooks good on CV; pleases employers/ prospective employers - better employment opportunities
Meetings are lively, interactive and funContinually reinforces learning; skills are retained long termImproved communication and leadership; better morale and increased productivity
Mutually supportive learning environment: everyone winsBetter thinking, speaking and listening; active participation in trainingDecreased turnover and improved customer service
Prepared speeches and impromptu challengesImproved presentation skills; greater connection to the audience; poise under pressureBetter communication with customers and clients; decrease in stress levels
Feedback on all performance; analytical listeningFocus on areas to improve; more tasks completed soonerManagement and staff increase inter communication; improves ability to mentor/coach others
Value for moneyAffordable; everyone can benefit from the programmeGreat return on investment
Opportunity for leadership developmentA structured way to learn and practice leadership; clear role and task descriptionsImproved management and increased productivity
Toastmasters structure from Club, Area, Division and District (NSW + ACT) to InternationalMoving from individual to organisational; opportunity to network and socialiseUnderstand organisational networks and flow of command
Contests - speech, humour, impromptu, evaluation and tall talesContestants hone skills; compete in a larger arena; view role modelsUnderstand the benefits of competition
Meeting procedures learnedParticipate with confidence; speak up or chair meetingsImprove attendance, quality and outcomes of meetings